Thursday, June 30, 2005


Orienpet lily 'Visa Versa'; when this new class of lilies first came on the market (a cross between ORIENtal lilies and trumPETS), I wasn't all that impressed, but the newer crosses are just gorgeous, with enormous vigor, thick substance, bright colors, and some with a wonderful scent... sweet, but not as cloying as its parents. Visa Versa may be my pick as the best of the lot, but I'll show more as they open. A garden filled with these giants would be spectacular indeed.Posted by Hello

A Walk In The Garden Today

The backside of lily 'Tropical Isle'. Posted by Hello

Daylily 'Eternity Road'. Posted by Hello

Daylily 'Larry Grace'. Posted by Hello

Daylily 'Before the Mask'. Posted by Hello

Daylily 'Dream Legacy'. Posted by Hello

Daylily 'Savannah Edge'. Posted by Hello

Daylily 'Furnaces Afire'. Posted by Hello

Daylily Red Alert; an older hybrid, but still a good one, with very stiff, tall stems even in shade. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Iowa Summer

The humidity today has been incredible, with a heat index of 101 degrees, and tonight a powerful cold front is sweeping into the state from Nebraska, with the radar showing ugly amoebas of red racing to the northeast at 45 miles an hour, as the cooler, drier air rolls across the prairies, lifting the moist, heavy air to form billowing thunderheads to 50,000 feet. I turned on the garden lights and went for a walk, with distant lightning flickering constantly on the western horizon, and a warm wind from the southwest, starting to swirl and gust fitfully, rustling the leaves in the tops of the tall black cherry trees. Wind to 60 miles an hour, rain, and possible hail are expected. It will be a rocky night.

A Walk In The Garden Today

Daylily 'Spacecoast Bold Scheme'. Posted by Hello

Hosta 'Queen Josephine'. Posted by Hello

On these hot, sultry summer days, the perfume of the trumpet lilies is so thick and sweet, you can almost feel it, and at night as we sit on the screen porch watching the lightning bugs, and listening to the frogs, every time a little breeze stirs, the aroma of the lilies wafts into the house . Add the rumble of distant thunder, and I'm in heaven.Posted by Hello

Trumpet lily 'Tropical Isle'. Posted by Hello

Daylily ' Gallery Fringe'. Posted by Hello

Daylily 'Eloquent Silence'. Posted by Hello

Daylily 'Strawberry Fields'. Posted by Hello

Daylily 'Country Melody' (repeat). Posted by Hello

Daylily 'Daring Dilemma'. Posted by Hello

Daylily 'Courts of Europe'. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Note To Self

When weeding in the garden with bare hands, try not to pull up a stinging nettle (ever again).

Flirting With The Dustbowl

This morning we woke up to the blessed sound of rain and thunder; it has been incredibly dry here in eastern Iowa, and it had been almost a month since our last rain. Gardeners tend to be a cranky and paranoid lot when it comes to the weather, always thinking, when it's dry, that rain clouds conspire to go around them. My brother has some quite incredible tales of rain storms making extensive evasive maneuvers to avoid his garden. THIS year, though, our paranoia has been justified; eastern Iowa and central Illinois have had the driest March-June since the dust bowl years of 1934-5. We have been trapped, sweltering, under a persistent cap of hot air, which consistently steers large storms around us, or like last night, huge storms head right at us, then fall apart 10 miles to our west, when they hit the cap. Most of Iowa has been deluged, with up to 10 inches of rain in just the last two days, and yet in east central Iowa we've had only 6 inches all year. Well, a powerful cold front may finally be breaking down our cap, and hopefully it won't just re-form. I will never take rain for granted; a wonderful sound.

Monday, June 27, 2005

A Walk In The Garden Today

The daylilies are in full bloom, with perhaps two hundred different kinds, making the garden quite spectacular right now, with the asiatic and trumpet lilies blooming above clouds of daylily flowers.Posted by Hello

Heuchera 'Starry Night'. Posted by Hello

Hosta 'Pathfinder'; this hosta maintains a very neat clump... because of its incredible hard substance (like plastic), and its moderate size, it doesn't flop all over the place. It stays neat-looking all season. Posted by Hello

Daylily 'Fuschia Kiss'. Posted by Hello

Daylily 'Border Lord'. Posted by Hello

Daylily 'Blood Flow' Posted by Hello

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