Thursday, June 30, 2005


Orienpet lily 'Visa Versa'; when this new class of lilies first came on the market (a cross between ORIENtal lilies and trumPETS), I wasn't all that impressed, but the newer crosses are just gorgeous, with enormous vigor, thick substance, bright colors, and some with a wonderful scent... sweet, but not as cloying as its parents. Visa Versa may be my pick as the best of the lot, but I'll show more as they open. A garden filled with these giants would be spectacular indeed.Posted by Hello

They tempt me.

I HATE the scent of lilies, they make me ill they are so strong. I wish they would list the ones that don't STINK so I could buy some.
I certainly don't like them inside; they're outdoors flowers to me. You might like some of the Orienpets; some have no smell at all, and most of the rest have a lightness to their perfume... they don't have that cloying perfume of some lilies.
I'll have to try and buy them in bloom. I love a light scent. I have scented hostas (I have no idea what their names might be) that are lovely...
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