Monday, June 01, 2009

You Could Do Worse...

I always wonder about gardeners who completely devote their garden to one type of plant; they have one great fanfare of flowering, then a long, quiet summer; I've always thought that wouldn't be for me, but today I started thinking you could do a lot worse than having a whole garden of Siberian irises. Here is Iris Spinning Song, a striking reddish violet.
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When the Siberians iare in bloom (here now too) I think the same thing: nothing quite like them is there? And I even like the foliage a lot. Beautiful photos of lots of really unusual plants, thank you for a fun "visit."
Looks like we were both out in the rain today! I love Siberian Iris and have just planted my first this Spring! (Don't ask why I've waited so long!) This one is beautiful. My neighbor's didn't photograph true to its dark purple color today.
I love the siberians. Lovely plant in the ground, in the vase, and in seed. I would cut the seedstalks for winter arrangements.
What a beautiful ending for your blog. Thank you for such kindness.
My best wishes to you!

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I am officially in love with a successful and very beautiful
Miss you and hope you are well.
I have been well, indeed. Gardening has continued to be on the back burner... in the early part of the summer I was spending so much time at the nature preserve (mainly grubbing out invasive brush from the woods and preparing part of the meadow area for seeding with meadow flower mix), that I thought I'd get nothing done in the garden at all, but in the late summer I caught my second wind, and I believe the garden has changed more this year than in any previous year. I've not planted much really (where?) but rather have done a lot of work on the "bones". I've built low block walls throughout the garden in back of many of the flower beds, converted several of the dirt paths to bark chips, built a new gate, improved the deer fence in many places, re-worked a couple of rock gardens, moved lots of plants... and on and on. I think the main theme to this summer's work is that the garden is finally becoming a cohesive whole, rather than isolated flower beds scattered through the woods. Fuzzy the fox raised two kits in the back ravine, and was a regular visitor to our back yard to hunt for chipmunks (interacting interestingly with our cats, and sitting down near me sometimes while I was working outside). Our main deer herd continues its family saga. Sweetheart's stepsister's fawn (Snuggles) from last year, that was born next to the garden, and that later broke a leg, has really done very well. Snuggle's mom then had two fawns this year, and in an incredible stroke of bad family luck, one of those fawns broke a leg this summer, and almost died of starvation, but is now doing some better (though still tiny and with a pretty good limp). The mom doe, Snuggles, and the fawn were just in the back yard; a three generation deer family.
So, life goes on, and I'm already looking forward to spring...
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