Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Very Interesting...

There are certain plants that when they are shown to garden visitors, they never quite know what to say about it; I imagine parents with homely babies get somewhat the same reaction. Arisaema tashiroi is one of those plants in our garden. Three foot tall and stiff, with a green, straight floral structure on top, its leaves just start opening when it flowers, so it has an odd appearance, like a green stick with a decoration on top. Very interesting...

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That IS very interesting!
homely babies interesting indeed..
That baby isn't's a face only a mother could love...LOL!!! I think it is very interesting. Really I don't think any flower is ugly
Sheila & Cherry... Now come look at the dragon arum with a flower that smells like rotting meat.

dirt Princess... where were you when I was a baby?

Wow, we have to make more room for arisaemas ... we just have a couple of Jacks so far. And as for the Dragon arum... At last count we had 8 offshoots at the base last weekend! They're shooting up like crazy and are already about 2 ft tall and look on track to bloom in June, right along with the peonies!
IVG... I'll have to take some pictures of some more of ours (got maybe 15 species). Your dragon is going to be... wonderfully odiferous!
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