Friday, May 15, 2009

Small Is Nice, Too

I'm usually an advocate for "big is better", but I must say I'm becoming a fan of the small-flowered ladyslipper orchids. Take, for example Cyp. 'Hank Small'; a hybrid between the Chinese species Cyp. henryi (Hank) and our native small (Small) flowered yellow ladyslipper, Cyp. parviflora v. parviflorum. It is just cute as a bug, and makes up for the smallness of its slippers by usually having a pair on each stalk.
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A pair of slippers -- how cute, indeed. :)
How very sweet. How's the rain up there?
It seems the garden has a lot of this color at this point, it is very nice.
Nancy... size 5.

shady... got 1 1/2 inches Friday.

Terryk... it'd have a lot more if the rhodys hadn't gotten frizzed!
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