Monday, May 25, 2009

Pinellias I Have Loved And Grown

Pinellias, somewhat horticulturally reclusive cousins to jack in the pulpits, are among my favorites in our garden. This is Pinellia 'Polly Spout'. It is a chance hybrid between P. tripartita Atropurprea (a fairly aggressive seeder) and P. pedatisecta (a truly awesome seeder). Fortunately, Polly Spout is sterile (a triploid, I assume). It does offset into a nice, fairly compact clump (most other pinellias run like bandits, popping up, it would seem by perverse choice, at ridiculous distances from the mother plant). Polly was discovered in the old We-Du nursery, and named after a famous spring that now forms a pond at the nursery, Polly's Spout (We-Du is now Meadowbrook Nursery).
Polly Spout shows a slightly purple spathe (hood), with a very tall, upright spadix (jack), and tall, lush tripartite foliage, looking like a dark green, waxy jack in the pulpit. It stays in bloom essentially all summer and always looks great. As I mentioned, it's sterile, but I still can't fathom why it's fairly expensive, because it is a strong, carefree plant that divides readily and steadily... I figure next year I can start potting some up as giveaways for garden visitors.
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Guess what, Don! I'm excited to post about the two Pinellas you gave me!! I hope to do this tomorrow. They both grew quite healthily this Spring and are both blooming! They are fairly diminutive, but aren't they Grand?? I'm very gratful. (If they seed as freely as you describe, I will enjoy seeing where Atropurprea babies show themselves next year! :-)
Shady... I guarantee you will have more (and more) atropurpureas!
What a beautiful ending for your blog. Thank you for such kindness.
My best wishes to you!

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