Monday, May 04, 2009

Legacy Of An Old Passion

When I first started gardening here, our woods was much more open than it is today (sticking in about two hundred shrubs and trees may have played a part in the change). Daffodils were my first passion, and I purchased quite a few from Grant Mitsch Daffodils in Oregon, as pink cupped daffodils were my particular delight. As the garden has gotten shadier and shadier, I no longer buy any daffodils and the ones still here have had to squeeze into the few remaining sunny areas, and they've kind of faded into the background; but for a couple of weeks each spring, they are the queens of the garden... a legacy from a past passion.

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And daffodils are early enough, that they can bloom before the leaves appear on the trees! Little dancing delights, I think! :-)
Garden evolution is a wonder to behold. Trees grow and then they sometimes come down.
And a beautiful legacy it is. :) They're stunning.
Shady... they really need to get it on if they are to get any sun in my garden!
Philip... you are lucky having such beautiful, big trees in your garden with high shade.

Nancy... glad you like them :o)

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