Sunday, May 03, 2009


I think hepaticas would earn a spot in my garden even if they never bloomed. At top is Hepatica insulare from an island off the tip of South Korea. At bottom is Hepatica nobilis Cremar, a strain of hepatica known for its scalloped, patterned leaves.
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I agree, their leaves are wonderful... gail
How pretty! I am not familiar with these plants.
They do have the best foliage. Incredible for the size of the tiny plants.
These leaves are quite distinctive! You won't be getting them confused - one with the other. :-) Very pretty.
Gail, Sheila, flowrgirl & Shady... I've been looking a lot at the foliage of the thousands of H. nobilis acutiloba growing in the nature preserve, and there are some pretty darn cool looking plants.
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