Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's Your Call...

This is a plant you may want to go right out and obtain for your shade garden; or not... it's your call. It's Syneilesis aconitifolia, sometimes called "raggedy umbrella". It arises from the ground quite fuzzy white, then loses the fuzz to become colonies of what look for all the world like mayapples that have had a pair of scissors taken to them. Interesting white flower spikes arise vertically from the leaves in mid-summer. There is a second species, Syneilesis palmatum with less finely dissected leaves that is equally intriguing, and there is a named cultivar of palmatum with creamy yellow leaves, that I am patiently awaiting a cheaper price for.
My colony of aconitifolia has been steadily migrating up a hill; I'm not quite sure what it's looking for, but it will soon be running into the goldfish pond... we'll see where it decides to go then.
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It will be the best call any eager gardener makes this year! I have a small colony as well and I am always stopped in my tracks everytime I happen upon it. I compare it to a small cluster of 'friendly aliens' in the shaded garden! Great post..... lets hope more people try it... although while it's less known, it's a guaranteed conversation piece in the garden!
Does this flower?
Teza... have you grown palmatum??

Shady... yes, fuzzy topknots (kinda, sorta neat).
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