Friday, May 08, 2009

Brightening Up A Dark Spot

Epimediums do a lot for our garden, but I usually think of them more as a filler or softener, rather than a plant to brighten a dark spot. Epimedium lishihchenii, which was discovered in China only 13 years ago, is an exception. First, this is a BIG epimedium; large leaved and tall. Then the whole plant, flowers and leaves, has an unusual brightness to it; due to a suffusion of bright greenish yellow. The leaves then have a rosy bronze tone on top of the chartreuse base. On top of all these distinctions, the plant is semi-evergreen here (And I'm sure would be totally evergreen where winters aren't as brutal as ours).

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Very interesting plant!
The color of this plant is unusual, I think I have a shady spot for it. Thanks!
I'm so glad to see this post! I have this plant

This is a picture from last year. I have been searching and searching for what kind of flower it is and after reading your post and comparing leaves, I think it must be a kind of epimedium. I'm off to google, so I can maybe figure out what kind it is exactly!

Sheila & Tatyana; I have trouble taking good pictures of epimediums, or I'd show a lot more kinds.

Stephanie... looks like an epimedium to me, too.
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