Monday, May 11, 2009

The Best...

If there is a better thing to see in a garden on a bright May afternoon than big clumps of yellow ladyslipper orchids, I don't know what it could be...
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Oh my! That is gorgeous!!!!!

Those are stunning! You poor, unfortunate guy ... having those running rampant in your garden! :-)
What a strange-looking plant! I wonder if we have those up here? Or, at least, something like them. The leaves look familiar to me, but the flower not at all.
Wow, wow, wow. That is what a great gardener can accomplish.
Rosehaven, IVG, Sall, tedb; I'm hoping someday to have some big patches of a couple of other kinds of ladyslippers. Sally... maybe you've got the pink ladyslipper??
That would certainly be a day-brightener, to say the least! We were in our woodland acres last weekend and I found three (!) native Jacks-in-the-Pulpit! It was so exciting!!
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