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Anemone nemorosa Dee Day is a striking lavender blue clone of the European wood anemone; in some catalogs it is said to have been collected in France during World War I, by an English soldier. On the other hand, another catalog says Dee Day has been in commerce since 1940 (WW II, I presume). On the third hand, I have another blue wood anemone variety in the garden, Parlez Vous, and that is listed as being found in France by the self same English soldier.
Dee Day is one of those flowers that looks as if it has been crayoned with its blue color; an effect I particularly like. It is early-blooming, which I also like. It does however have a reputation for being a little sparser blooming than most wood anemones, but makes up for it by the brightness of its flowers. I have it planted underneath an azalea bush, and when Dee Day is blooming, I always stop to peer at these amazing little blue faces.
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An interesting blog and the wood anenome is a beautiful flower. We get a lot of it in the woods round here in Co Clare, Ireland. It's Anemone nemorosa, not A. blanda, by the way. Both these varieties are described here as having been collected by Frank Waley in France in 1914, but quite why one of them got the name Dee Day I'm really not sure.
TW... yikes, I don't know how 'blanda' snuck in there; I didn't even notice it. I know this morning I was looking a a little deep blue blanda blooming on a hillside and wanted to take a picture of it, but it wasn't completely open; I guess it just stuck in the back of my mind.Thanks for your info about the two varieties; interesting that he found two worth naming.

That's a lovely little flower, that anemone. I've read that it can irritate skin. Have you found that to be true?
You have a lot more blooming than I, but I'm about to "catch up" with a few of my own beauties! :-) I was excited, while raking, to see something brand new blooming this morning. I'll have to wait a bit to post about it, however. I'm still posting about our AZ trip. :-)
Christine... I haven't, but I'm not very sensitive to such things (I wade around in poison ivy all the time and rarely get anything).

Shady... So much to do, so little time!!
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