Saturday, April 18, 2009

a Yearly Ritual

Every spring, like the robins, I start chirping; about Primula vulgaris sibthorpii. This lovely primrose is native to the Balkans, and therefore more tolerant of heat and dryness than other primroses, most of which come from misty, cool highlands or northern climes. Without fail, every spring here in Iowa sibthorpii returns and gets better and better, being invariably covered with bright pink flowers. Each spring I break off a little piece and transplant it elsewhere in the garden, so hope someday to have dozens of these plants blooming around every bend in the garden.

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Very pretty! I would want to spread it around too!
It's absolutely beautiful! How are you coming with the sunken tub bed for primroses?
I'll have to see if I can find some like that for my Nebraska garden. The ones I've planted in the past didn't live long.
Sheila... primroses are one "weed" I'd love to have.

Shady... Japonicas love it. Mixed bag with some of the others.

Sue... have you tried Primula sieboldii? It is summer dormant, and I'll bet would grow for you. It is getting to be kind of invasive here.

that is pretty. your blog is making me want lots more plants that i have never seen. I'm gonna spend a fortune!
flowrgirl1... It's all part of my plan; if you buy out the nurseries, then they'll be sold out and I won't spend so much.

:o) Don
This one is a great one! Is it hard to find? I hope to find some Sieboldi this year on your recommendation. My common Primula polyanthus are doing great this year, though not blooming yet. They've multiplied again and I counted 20 separate plants last week ... not bad for having only planted 5 back in 2005! I guess I finally made them happy....
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