Monday, April 13, 2009

Well Named

I have several flower varieties named "Purple" this or "Purple" that. One of my favorites is Corydalis solida 'Purple Beauty', shown blooming by a meandering back pathway, where it gets morning sun and afternoon shade. It is tucked into a little spot with several varieties of fritillaries, a couple of trilliums, and a half dozen primroses, just to keep it company.
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That is a lovely hue! I must remember to put this plant in my garden this year. It is lovely!
What are you favorite catalogs/sites for getting these wonderful woodland plants etc.. YOu have such wonderful things I must know your sources. thanks
Sheila... C. solida is a VERY addicting plant!

flowrgirl1... Oh boy, there are lots. Asiatica, Arrowhead Alpines, Plant Delights, Evermay Nsy, Odyssey, Bulbmeister, Rarefind, Seneca Hills, Lazy S's... just off the top of my head!

Thanks! I see that I live only a few hours away from Arrowhead when I return to MI!!! I will be going there this year for sure. I live close to plant delights in NC too. How great.
flowrgirl1... Oh boy, if I lived near Arrowhead I would really be broke!

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