Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Tipping Point

There arrives a spring in the life of the garden when perhaps it has tipped over into too much... muchness. Dainty woodland cardamines (top), seemingly so hard to get established in this hot, dry climate, start running through the woodland in waves. Grape hyacinths (middle), march right out of the rock gardens, looking for more room. Primula sieboldii (bottom), mugs the dainty little juliana primula next to it, and heads for the woods.
I'm not sure what the change, or the signal is; but something seems to turn on, and even dainty little plants that normally act like they would rather be someplace else, start popping up everywhere. This morning I almost stepped on a snakeshead fritillary (Fritillaria meleagris) growing in the middle of a path... at least it didn't hiss at me.

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Those wood anemones are great. I have never noticed them before. The grape hyacinths are such a lovely shade of blue!
Never seen that type of Anemones before - so different from our native white and blue andemones growing in most woodland areas over here. Hope you enjoy that spring is here. Winter was long and cold in Iowa, I hear from friends there.
An interesting dilemma. Perhaps someday I'll be saying the same thing about my Virginia Bluebells...
Sheila... the grape hyacinths, I think, I'm going to regret.

Neils... it's still cold.

Shady... oh, you will! Bluebells are rampant once they get going.

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