Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Take Your Pick

I've always had a soft spot for Puschkinia scilloides, the striped squill. This little cutie followed me to my present garden by piggybacking on a hosta or something that I moved from my first garden, and it has made itself at home by spreading everywhere; I don't mind as it is so lovely and so unobtrusive.
I also grow Aragats Pick, a superior form of Puschkinia collected on Mount Aragats, the highest mountain in Armenia at over 13,000 feet. An ancient volcano, Mount Aragats is rather dry and windblown, but covered with lovely alpines. Aragats Pick is basically a larger, sturdier plant, with more flowers that are, as they say, more elegantly spaced along the stem. I can vouch that it is very vigorous; my single bulb, planted in the fall of 2007 is now five. I like both my little vagabond puschkinias, and Aragats Pick equally well; in the pictures above Aragats Pick is at top, and the common Puschkinia scilloides is at bottom... you can choose.

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I love the little Puschkinia bulbs. Not only are their flowers charming, but they shrug off the snow. I haven't seen Aragats Pick before. It is attractive looking, with the more pronounced blue colour. Being sturdier and vigorous are especially good traits.
Hmm. They are both very attractive, but I prefer the top one as well. I guess it would depend on location. Is it much larger? Like a few inches or half a foot?
I saw your comment on Annie in Austin's site, I think. You do have an eye for lovely flowers. I vote for the first pic as well. The blue is more intense, and the flower itself does not look as domesticated.
Northern... the nice thing about Aragats is that it doesn't get the flops.

Cherub... its maybe 5 inches tall.

Walk2write... I very much like Annie's blog. Wish we had some of Austin's warm weather right now (it's snowing AGAIN)!
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