Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ssssolomon's Seal

Solomon's seal is another of those plants that I really like best when they are just coming up; patches of them look like twisting snakes rearing out of the ground.

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I have the variegated type and I can't wait to see it come up .. they are solid plants you can depend on and such beauties when they flower out : )
I'm getting to know several of these native shade plants only since we've lived here. I have a few spots where these grow. It is fun to watch, and I always get a little nervous that something else is growing instead of Solomon's Seal.
GardenJoy... I just got one called "Doublewide" with really wide white edges. Very cool!

Shady... I know what you mean. I'm finding Solomon's seals to be pretty invasive.
Ah, maybe I'll have a chance of spotting mine when (if?) it comes up. It looked nice last year, I was thinking to get more. Unless moles/deer/cold/lack of green thumb got to it.
I was getting worried about our P. odoratum having been dug up by tree rats, but last weekend (before the rain) I saw it coming up and it is multiplying this year! They do look really cool when they first come up!
Judith... deer do like them, unfortunately.

IVG... I'm finding I need to corral all the polygonatums; they run like crazy!
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