Saturday, April 11, 2009

Slowing Down To Hurry Up

Every spring is hectic around here, but this spring I've not just been burning the candle at both ends; I've thrown the whole candle in the fire and tossed on some gasoline. Therefore I've had to slow down posting on this blog in order to hurry up everything else. However, one set of flowers I had to take the time to show: these are two of the large-flowered blue chionodoxas (glories of the snow): at top, C. forbesii 'Blue Giant', and at bottom C. lochiae. The latter is a new species for me, and a surprising success, for it is a rarity found only in the mountains of Cyprus (thus often called Cyprian glory of the snow; also called Loch's or greater glory of the snow). Its flowers are said to be the largest of the eight species of chionodoxa, and are a lovely shade of lavender blue.

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Was wondering if I could ask you to help with an ID. A co-worker of mine brought in a plant that had been growing in her (late) mother's yard, and she wasn't sure what it was, nor were our resident Nursery Lot Guy or Perennial Expert. So naturally I thought of you.

They're beautiful, aren't they? I love the china blue colour, although I have some pink flowered ones too. The pink ones bloom first for me, and should do so this week coming, probably because they're in a sheltered, well drained and sunny spot; the blues are a few days after that.
M.S... I posted to your blog, my guess hepatica nobilis var. obtusa (alba form). I can take you out to Big Grove Reserve and show you hundreds of them blooming right now.

Jodi... I've got C. sardensis blooming in pink right now, but the picture I took yesterday was fuzzy, so I'll have to go back and snap it again.

Keep your health and your sanity. We'll still be here when you get back to us!

these may be my favorite spring blooms. so lovely, such beautiful blue.
Jenn... Pant! Pant!

Sky... these blues in the clear spring sunshine are the cat's meow to me!

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