Friday, April 03, 2009

Scilla Caucasica

Scilla caucasica hails from... well, the mountains of the Caucasus. It's basically a larger, darker blue Scilla sibirica (some in fact classify it as Scilla sibirica ssp. caucasica). The blue color of caucasica is an unearthly blue; rich and with lavender and pink undertones. It is just a ravishing little bulb, and I look forward to its blooming each April.

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ah, what lovely little fellows! does it smell nice? some of them have a wonderful, albeit light fragrance (similar to hyacinths who's family their in).
I find that the scilla does have a very nice fragrance. I have the sibirica; it is one of the truest blue bulbs.
Caucasica does have a very sweet fragrance; I'd never smelled it before your comment. It's a very hard fragrance to describe or characterize.
We're just starting to see our Scilla (siberica) popping up and are so happy to see them back. This, along with the crocuses, is one of our favorite early bloomers -- they were some of the first bulbs we ever planted.

I'll have to hunt for some Causcasica... they definitely are deeper, richer blue! Gorgeous!
I love the scillas. They are a bit of sky growing close to the ground. Can you imagine and entire mountainside full of them?~~Dee
Scilla is one of my faves. I have never heard of that one though. I will have to find a source for it.
IVG & flowergirl1... Caucasica just gets darker and darker. It is really a beauty, and can be seen a block away.

Dee... well, I seem to have a whole garden full of Scilla siberica now.

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