Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Two springs ago I toured the garden of a fellow garden blogger who lives just across town here. His garden, in a corner lot right on a city street, is absolutely jam-packed with an amazing variety of interesting plants, and is much viewed and enjoyed by folks walking by. One of the special delights of his garden is a variety of orchid cacti (epiphyllums) in hanging pots that he places in the trees, with these incredible flowers wafting their sweet perfume through the night-time air. He gave me a pot with some fresh cuttings in it, and it's now blooming in our garden. A nice passalong!
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I should say! That's a beautiful pass-along. The best way to receive plants! :-)
Oh, the bloom is gorgeous! I like the plants with stories behind them. Sometimes, I call those plants by the name of a person who gave it to me.
Shady & Tatyana... I also have a bunch of other passalongs. It is a neat way to remember folks, I agree.

I want to thank you for the infoI found in your blog which I was after for a couple of years!
So they are called
orchid cacti (epiphyllums)!
Those were in our garden in Benghazi - Libya for many years, last year my mother told me there were about 20 flowers blooing at once and she sent me thier pics!
I was amazed since that cactus is planted in a not that big pot in the garden and mom climbed the cactus to the balcony up along the wall to the second floor where it became like a tangled wilderness there!
Here 2 link from my flicker acount to one of Mom's flowers back home which I took about 2 or 3 years ago:
Thank you again
Laila Neihoum
Laila... those are extraordinary pictures! Nice work!

Very cool! I hope mine will bloom nice like that by next was a passalong too.
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