Thursday, April 16, 2009

Further Afield

I've gradually been adding more species of corydalis to our garden. Starting with the commoner, more widely available types, I'm now slowly branching out into some of the lesser known and grown species. To my surprise and delight, I've found many of them hardy and rapid growers; maybe I won't be so happy if some of them turn out like Corydalis lutea, which has designs on taking over the whole garden. This is a more demure species, Corydalis paschei, with pale lilac pink flowers. In nature it apparently is only found in a couple of locations in SW Turkey, but it seems right at home in our garden.

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It's always fun to read your review about the variety of plants you have.
I know you also grow epimedium. Have you Epimedium 'Lilofee' Grandiflorum Barrenwort (I'm not sure they're in the right order) ha?
What do you think of it??
Shady... I do, indeed have 'Lilafee', and it is a lovely lilac lady.
I'm not biting on this one, but glad you're having better luck with Corydalis! I give up on them, and am too cautious about introducing Lutea into our garden. The neighbor across the street has it running rampant and thinks it's a weed ... but I guess for him, it IS! lol
I thought I had lutea confined to one little spot, but they are popping up. Now ochroleuca, which sat in one spot for years is popping up all over one part of the garden... sigh!
I have to get one of these plants in my garden .. my zone is a bit "iffy" but there has to be one that is perfect ? LOL
Great picture : )
Don, I have just received 'Lilofee' and am waiting to plant it. It sounds so very good, I know exactly where it's going! :-)
GardenJoy... a lot of the corydalis species are from pretty tough climates (steppe country of Russia).

shady... you're going to love the spring foliage!

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