Monday, April 20, 2009

Fancy Pants Daffodils

For some reason I'm a little embarrassed to admit that my favorite daffodils are these overblown frilled or double daffodils; Iowans don't normally approve of such highfalutin' ways.

Being a fellow Iowan, I admit I don't like them much either. They remind me of the awful ruffles on Prom tuxes from the 70s! Mine was lime green!
For shame! You sure don't see those in my neck of the woods either! :P
Hey!! I'm with you... I have a couple of those and I think they're Great!! So, there! ;-)
You'll never find those in our garden, though some did exist a long time ago before they reverted to a really ugly Narcissus variant. Then we decided they weren't worth the effort if they didn't stay true over the years, so it's just the basic naturalizers for us now!
For shame. Off to Illinois with you and your fancy daffodils!

(P.S. I will be e-mailing you just as soon as I get a chance. Everything is busy.)
So what are the names? I particularly like the last one. I don't see why frilly should be embarrassing. We don't mind frilly in other plants such as daylilies.
Jon... mine was white (with a red carnation and white buck shoes).

Nickie... well, I said it's a dirty little secret. :o0 !

Shady... we're pretty flashy ??

M.S. ... anything but Illinois!

Philip... the first is Replete, and after that I dunno. As they've multiplied I just replant them here and there.

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