Thursday, April 02, 2009

Erythronium Purple King

I've never been very good at describing flower colors; the Brits are champs at this. I've seen them walking about in Kew Gardens with their color wheels (excuse me, "colour" wheels), trying to thrash out whether the third order colour of the tessalated lousewort blooming in the conservatory is gooey persimmon or spilled molasses.
I was thinking I could use one of those color wheels to describe the colors of 'Purple King' Erythronium dens-canis, which is shyly holding its little flowers up in the cold rain today. I see where a flower catalog describes it as "cyclamen purple", but that doesn't resonate with me; the best I can do is "soft violet". Even tougher to label is the center; I see it described as brown or deep red, but it's much more subtle. I'd call it brownish apricot... or maybe cinnamon infused with egg yolk?

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Whatever color it is, it is charming!
Ohhhh, those wonderful ephemerals that have snagged my heart at first sighting.... everything about them is simply divine! I have placed an order for three different pink species and can hardly wait for them to arrive! Beautiful charmer you have!
Sheila & Teza... I must confess erythroniums are starting to be (another) obsession with me. Look out next fall!
I've often thought the biggest box of crayola crayons would work almost as well as one of those color wheels, and a heck of a lot less expensive.
Kathy... and you could also use them to take notes!
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