Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bee's Work

Blue scillas and blue chionodoxas have been brightening up our spring garden in a most harmonious way; then there's this little beauty, a natural cross between Chionodoxa forbesii and Scilla bifolia. This is properly called x Chionoscilla allenii, with lovely light blue flowers in a short, erect clump. Kind of an oddity, but definitely a nice addition to the spring blues.
Perhaps the busy little bee will cross my chionoscilla back with one of its blue parent genera growing nearby?
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I never tire looking at flowers. Thanks.
I was trying to photograph a bee this morning! I think it was positively drunk, as it could hardly navigate. It was on a highly-fragrant, pink hyacinth. ha! :-)
Chumly... you must love spring!

Shady...That should be a nice shot.

This is a lovely cross that I'll have to see if I can find. Our Scilla and Chionodoxa are in their full glory right now and I'm really enjoying them. I just love how the Chionodoxa has colonized so quickly over the past 3 years ... easily quadrupled from what I originally planted!
IVG... I'm also pleased (I think) how fast the chionodoxas multiply.
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