Thursday, March 26, 2009

Springtime Gold

Eranthis hyemalis and cilicica (the two species of winter aconite) have been charming little residents of our early spring garden for many years. This year they were joined by Eranthis x tubergenii 'Guinea Gold', a hybrid between the two species just listed, which has larger, deeper gold flowers. Apparently there are impostors that are sold that are hybrids as noted, but not the specfic selected clone of that cross that is truthfully called 'Guinea Gold'. I'm a little suspicious of my purchase, as the true 'Guinea Gold' should have bronzish foliage; I think mine did at first, but has now faded to light green. My bulb does show astonishing vigor, and very large flowers (well, large in this case is relative; the flowers are the size of a quarter). So, it may be the real thing; time will tell, as the true 'Guinea Gold' is a sterile hybrid.
I'm now envisioning a raised, rocky spot covered with these bright little sunbeams, interlaced with an early, deep purple crocus... oh, yeah!

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really a lovely picture, informative post.
Oh, yeah, indeed! That would be a great combination... shades of UNI Panthers? ;-)
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