Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Small Snowdrop Irritation

Every early spring it happens; a few little snowdrops have their flowers lopped off, leaving them lying funerally on the ground, as if the Queen of Hearts had paid a brief, and senseless visit. Since the garden is fenced in from rabbits, I'm pretty sure it's the squirrels actually performing this little floral decapitation. I assume they are pretty hungry this time of year, but they must find the snowdrops distasteful, as they just nip off a couple and never eat them. Still, it's pretty irritating when you just have a few snowdrops starting to bloom, to find the tiny little, perfect flowers lying scattered on the cold ground before they have even had a chance to fully open. It's like, on a beautiful spring day, seeing one of those gloomy tombstones with the inscription, "As I am, so shall you be".
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Sorry about your snowdrops. What a disappointment after such anticipation.

I had that same exasperating experience with tulips one year. So many were dead headed I decided there must be a sweet tasty portion in that exact location. We'll never know.
Sad to hear abut the snowdrops. It nice to know Spring soon arrival when the bloom. I hope you get see a few make it.
Take care, BOB
Squirrels. I really wanted to see one take a ride on my Yankee "Flipper" yesterday, but it was too cautious. :-(
Those rats with cute tails are the most irritating of God's creatures, well, they and the raccoons. I'm sorry about your snowdrops. So sorry.~~Dee
Barbee, Bob, Dee & Shady... you know it's always just a couple of snowdrops that get lopped; they really must not taste good. I see pictures from GB where the flowers get eaten, but never the plants. I'll have to try one.
Even those lopped off ones look better than my pathetic frozen ones.
Serves ya right for having snowdrops so early :P!

OOPs, sorry. that was mean LOL. I've been caged up too much this winter. I need flowers. I need spring. :)
EAL... hopefully it will Finally (pretty please) warm up.
Nickie... bad where you're at??

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