Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sleepy Garden (er)

This spring the garden (and this gardener) are having trouble shaking off the torpor of a long winter. Today was the first really warm day (shirt-sleeved 68), yet the ground is basically still frozen solid to the point that a sharp knife will not penetrate it (I tried). The only things blooming are a few patches of Galanthus elwesii, the early snowdrop. In wandering about the somnolent garden this morning, it suddenly struck me: even the birds were just sitting around; not a chirp, not a tweet, not a single song. What gives?
In looking back, I see that this is the latest spring ever in the garden for bloom times; by now the early snowdrops have usually come and gone. This year half of them haven't even opened. I haven't gardened, I haven't blogged about the garden, I've hardly set foot in the garden.
Yet, by this afternoon, with the warm sun bearing down, I could count a dozen other types of snowdrops at least peeking up, and the Carolina wren and the titmouse finally shook their feathers and started calling.
It's a start...

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Its the same here in Austria. Spring is very late this year. Well, here usually Galanthus elwesii starts blooming in December - but this year it took a break in January and the half of February. Galanthus nivalis always blooms later, but not so much as this year. It did not start blooming until 3 days ago - a very late start.
This time last year crocus was already in full bloom.
I hardly can wait for some warmer weather.... but the weather forecast for the weekend says cold and rainy. At least the ground is not frozen any more.

Greetings from Austria
You have more than I do to show for your walk around your yard. I found one little tiny early crocus..yea!
I don't know about the plants--never got anything tidied up last fall; they may have given up on me--but I did hear lots of birds as I headed out to work this morning. And there's no more snow cover.
No... it must be nice to have snowdrops in December; it would make winter more tolerable.

Shady... nada for crocuses blooming here, though some are up.

Judith... even today, another warm day, the birds just seem quiet. Strange.

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