Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Need More Corydalis

Corydalis solida 'Dieter Schacht' (named after the former curator of the Munich Botanical Garden), is always about the first corydalis to bloom in our garden, which is reason enough to grow it; the very bright, clear pink flowers are another reason. I have been adding corydalis varieties to the garden for the last two years, but need more.
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That is one plant I do not have in my gardens. I've planted it in the past but it never lasted lone. Time to try it again I think.
Please don't tell me this is blooming already! If so, wow. Our Dicentra haven't even broken ground yet, and they are usually pretty early, but given these bizarro springs the past few years, I'm almost glad they haven't yet.
Sheila... corydalis in general seem to be picky about which gardens they'll grow in; good drainage seems to be important for many of them.
IVG... it is, indeed, blooming. Several others are in full bud. The Dicentras are just up a couple of inches here.

This is perhaps my favourite genus as far as woodland perennials is concerned. I have focused mainly on blue flowering species.... elata, flexuosa, ambigua..... there is something about their wonderfully shaped flowers that reminds me of a school of sea horses! Nice to see the genus gaining exposure!
Ohmygoodness! Corydalis is back on the list again! I purchased two varieties (thanks to your inspiration) last year, but I'm pretty sure one died. I'm watching its spot to make sure. Happy Spring!
I have a shade garden and corydalis has been on my list of plants to get. They are so lovely.
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