Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kiss Of Spring

This is Crocus korolkowii 'Kiss Of Spring'; a selection of an early-flowering buttercup yellow crocus with deep maroon feathering on the outside. It is native to the dry mountains of Central Asia in the "stan" countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan; "stan" means "the country or place where one dwells". Thus Afghanistan is "the place where the Afghans dwell". Crocus korolkowii, coming from dryish, very well-draining alpine conditions, is prone to rot, so I have it planted on the upper side of a small ravine with early spring exposure to the sun. It seems content, and favors our garden with little cups of sunshine in earliest spring.

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Crocuses are the first to bloom in my garden, so I try to plant as many as I can, and a variety if I can.

This is a nice one. I like these colors.
Sylvana... I just wish the flowers would hold up a little better in rain; they can pretty quickly look like blobs of colored wet tissue paper.
We have a crocus ("Dorothy") very similar to this one blooming right now and it's a real beauty! I didn't realize that these came from the "Stans" though, that's cool to learn!
IVG... there are a bunch of different crocuses that look about like this; I looked up Dorothy and while it's C. chrysanthus, it does look very similar. Nice, too.
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