Saturday, March 28, 2009

Goodbye To Spring

With predictions of 4-8 inches of snow and 25 mph winds tonight, spring (and probably a lot of the spring flowers) are exiting the stage. At least this storm isn't ushering in the terrible Arctic cold blast that seems to descend on us every spring lately, killing or maiming much of the garden; the low temperature will be in the twenties this time. Now I wonder what I did with the snow shovels?

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This is our first Spring in Fairfield, Iowa. We haven't gardened in about 10 years - so, we have some experience, but a lot of relearning to do.

We were so thrilled with the results thus far of what we had planted last year. So, we are new to these feelings of loss and feel completely dejected - especially, after seeing the lovely specimens you have and our thoughts of tending them.

We need to learn the zen of it all!
I know, we're all bracing ourselves for this! Why couldn't this have happened 3 weeks ago? Not now!
Why did you put the shovels away? You know better than that! When I was growing up in MN one didn't put them in the back of the garage until at least 4/15, if not 5/1. Tsk tsk.
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I'm sorry. I've made a new comment. I agree with Benjamin, the snow shovels have been kept handy. (Much to my chagrin due to actually having to use them!) Hope everthing is alright out there under the snow!
Did you get the snow? We actually had a few flurries up here, but the radar looked scary for you guys. This weather is getting ridiculous.
wolfram&... you know your winters in Fairfield are noticeably "milder" than ours here in IC. Still, you'll need that zen!

Rosemarie... just so we don't get that killing ten degree stuff again in April.

Shady & Sally... we ended up with only 2" (a lot better than 8).

Benjamin... Liz put them all away; she is a mad organizer.

Never put the snow shovels or the ice melter away until you have to turn the air conditioning on for the first time. That's what we do, but I'm not sure it's out of wanting to thwart Murphy's Law or sheer sloth ... I'll let you know when I decide! :-)
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