Friday, March 20, 2009

Galanthus Bitton

Galanthus 'Bitton' is just a very lovely little selection of G. nivalis, supposedly originally found many years ago growing under a hedge by the famous flower bulb gardener and writer, E. A. Bowles. I can see what caught his eye; it is absolute perfection in its symmetry, proportions, and bearing.

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This is one I remember. It is absolutely perfect. I love it! :-)

Oh! Guess what the word verification is today? "primula" I kid you not!

Perhaps you'll be posting about your primula before long! :-)
Never met a Galanthus I didn't adore, so I'm glad to share your love of snowdrops with you.
Shady & Jodi... this is a particularly nice one; it's pretty hard picking a fave!
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