Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Fine Spring Day In Iowa

What a difference a day makes!
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The sun comes out, and everyone is smiling.
That's what march is all about. But take heart, they are even getting snow in Oklahoma.

I am sure we will have a bit more.
Can't worry about it, can we? At least it wasn't all that bad... :-)
keewee, EAL, & Shady... well the sun did come out, and almost all the snow was gone by sundown (though we have a chance for more snow on Tuesday. :o(

Looks like you got a lot more accumulation from this snow than we did, good for you. :-) That Squill looks pretty forlorn sticking up out of the snow ... at least yours are up and blooming! Ours have yet to make their appearance, as have many of the crocus out in the front gardens.
Sorry about the recent snow. Maybe this was the last. Lovely flowers in the snow.
Phew! I guess we were lucky in southern Ontario, as all we got was a little wind and rain!
IVG... we need a warm, rainy day.

Becca... at least we're not Fargo, with a foot of snow.

Kati... you've already been punished enough this winter.

Oh, aren't those spring flowers lovely! This is what we've all been waiting for. I've got none yet, but hopefully soon.
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