Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Erythronium dens-canis 'Pink Perfection' is the first dog tooth violet to bloom in our garden this spring. Dens-canis is the European dog tooth violet, native to the mountainous areas of southern Europe. All the Erythronium species are native to North America except for the dens-canis complex, which is comprised of four species or sub-species; the southern European dens-canis, then as you travel progressively east, E. caucasicum, E. sibericum, and E. japonicum. Some lump them all under dens-canis, but the plants are distinct enough to assign each its own species.
'Pink Perfection' is a beautiful named selection of dens-canis with its flowers an indescribably lovely shade of soft pink.

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Just imagine coming upon that lovely thing while walking in woods. Delightful!
Very pretty!
What a spectacular bloom it is. I have a very strong addiction to this genus and have had the hardest time finding the pink flowering members of this genus here in Canada. I shall have to add E. dens canis 'Pink Perfection' to the must have list. I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of E. revolutum and E. hendersonii from Fraser's Thimble Farm on Salt Springs Island in BC... you are very lucky!
You mean you have dog-toothed violets blooming already? I'm so impressed. The leaves have just begun showing here. That is a beautiful flower.
Barbe & Sheila... I don't think there is a pettier flower in the garden!

Teza... I sure wish we had Thimble Farms in this country (or maybe I don't; I'd go broke).

Shady... a few more kinds are ready to bloom.
You must be in HOT spot there near Iowa City. Here a little farther east in Iowa, Only a few daffs are brave enough to poke out so far!
Jon... we are, kind of; we're in a somewhat protected little south-facing valley.
These are lovely ... are they a native? I've always heard the name of Dogtooth Violet but don't think I've ever seen one. Another one we need to research!
I love this! The closest thing I could find was the Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum) which they are selling at my local Native Plant sale.
IVG... there is a (common) native dog tooth violet here in Iowa (they grow naturally in our woods. It has spotted leaves, but not quite as spectacular as dens-canis. I can dig you up a couple if you ever want (they take forever to establish to flowering).

Rosemarie... Yah, that's the native that grows here. Pretty little thing.

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