Monday, March 16, 2009

Dull Snowdrop Scissors?

I obtained this snowdrop as Galanthus 'Scissors'. Now there are several selected clones of Galanthus that carry the sobriquet 'Scissors', (named such because the green spots on the inner petals supposedly look like tailor's shears). Two others that I could find pictures of are both elwesii selections; G. elwesii 'Daphne's Scissors' and G. elwesii 'Raphane's Scissors'. The latter is particularly fine, with very clear 'scissors', while Daphne's pick shows quite a bit of blurring of the upper 'blades'. My snowie is instead a Galanthus plicatus selection, with just a big blob where the blades should be. Pretty dull scissors, if you ask me. Hopefully it will sharpen up next year.

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It's still cute -
You won't find me complaining... :-) It's still very nice!
I love the color and texture in this.
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