Monday, March 09, 2009

Do As The Brits Do

When it comes to finding out how to grow hardy cyclamens, British gardeners would seem to be the ones to consult, as they are quite passionate about the cyclamens in their gardens. Unfortunately, Iowa is a long ways from misty, cool England and so it is rare that their horticultural advice transfers well.
However, after a number of years spent growing these plants, rather to my amazement I can heartily recommend the Brits' advice: grow your cyclamens under trees. I figured that in summer here in Iowa, these areas would get too dry, but in fact the cyclamens I've planted right near the trunks of various trees and shrubs have thrived and multiplied, while those planted in what would seem to be prime plant real estate, have usually sulked and eventually disappeared. I'd opine on issues of drainage, competition, summer dormancy, etc.; instead I'll just say... go figure!

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Aren't these wonderful? I'm going to definitely be more careful in covering mine next Fall!!
I give up on these! We've tried several times in different places, and the last one was a tree and they never even came up once.... Let me know when you have the hard and fast growing tip! :-)
I can't even seem to grow cyclamens in a pot! I just love their beautiful foliage...yours looks very healthy, indeed. :)
Shady... it really helped (along with good snow cover).

IVG... uh, move to California? :o)

Nancy... They are not easy!!

Look at that striking leaf! I'm "pretty sure" I can't grow them up here on the Minnesota border, but boy! do I wish I could!
Sally... I grew hederifolium in Northern Iowa in my last garden. Purprascens might be the hardiest and would be worth a try.
That's a really nice one in the photo - love the pattern of the variegation. I wanted to chime in and concur. I have C. hederifolium in my dry woods in northern Virginia and they even survived last summer's drought and bloomed right on schedule.

I tried C. coum from seed last year, but none germinated. Any advice on growing them from seed?
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Go figure. I just wonder why so many others are having trouble even when they try the same thing.
Entangled... I dunno; I've never tried sowing seed (but i plan to this year. My coums seed all over the place in the garden by themselves.

Kate... that's why I didn't offer any explanation; I don't get it either. There are lots of common things (i.e. columbines) that I can't grow for a lick. It's all a mystery to me.
Cant' grow columbines? I can grow columbines, or to be more precise, columbines grow in my garden. But again, go figure.
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