Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bridging The Gap

As one gets older, time certainly does seem to pass more quickly, except for a couple of weeks each early spring; the time between the blooming of the early snowdrops (Galanthus elwesii) and the awakening of the rest of the garden. The ground is still mostly frozen, and it just seems to take forever for the second type of bulb to cast its fate to the winds and to open its little flowers to the vagaries of March in Iowa. It's as if all the other little bulbs are sitting around waiting for somebody else to take the plunge. Galanthus nivalis Viridapice (at top) is showing its hallmark green spot on the outer petals, and should be open in a few days, but I really need something to bridge this gap; the few crocuses I have are starting to show their buds (below). This fall I aim to plant a variety of crocuses in spots in the garden that get early spring sun... this early spring gap in the garden is too hard on the knees.
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You also have a visual reminder that it's been raining since last night! It's awfully hard not to want to get as close as possible to these little plants. :-)
Shady... and, it rained all day today, and is forecast to rain all night tomorrow and the next day!
We've been watching forever for our snowdrops to bloom and they finally started last week out back (where it's sunnier). Still no sign of the crocus, but with all this soggy weather, I can't say I blame them for wanting to stay in bed longer!
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