Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sun To Snow... To Snowdrops

Well, home at last from Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Apparently it was warm and nice here in Iowa the whole time we were gone, then winter returned right before we came back, so it was zero with four inches of new snow when we piled off the airplane wearing light jackets.
The deer seemed unhappy to see us back, probably thinking we brought the return of winter with us. They have a point; last year we had to dig our car out of a snowbank when we got back from Mexico.
However, by today the sun was out, the snow was melting, the deer were placated and the snowdrops are starting to open, though the ground is still frozen solid. Somehow amongst all the ice and dead leaves, the bees are right on the spot when this first small handful of flowers starts to bloom; rather like shoppers waiting for BestBuy to open for its post-Christmas sale. The bees were so eager for spring, that they were trying to force their way into snowdrops that hadn't yet opened. I know how they feel...

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Me too! I think if I had snowdrop blooms, I'd be forcing my way into those blooms as well! I hope you had a lovely trip.
Great contrast in the first two photos. ;-) Hope you had a great time!
You were trying to force your way into snowdrops, too? Like the bees? Don, we need to talk if you're out in the woods doing stuff like this. I've actually started a "Violence Against Flower Blooms" therapy group online.
Nancy and Shady...we did, indeed have a great trip!

Benjamin... Iowa winters will do that to you.

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