Friday, February 27, 2009

It Could Always Be Worse...

I've been pretty whiny about our long winter this year, but it could always be worse; here's what it looked like a year ago.
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Exactly! It could always be worse! My parents tell me (Clear Lake) they received 14" of snow last year in February! I didn't keep track down here, but your photo is very impressive.
That snow scene looks like my house still does. You're right, it could always be worse. I could have 3 ft still instead of 1. Spring is around the corner.
wow! that's alotta snow! We had a lot last winter too, but I think we had even more this winter. We had a thaw recently though, and now it's all gone.

I think the garden appreciated the snow cover, and even the lawn looks better than it does in years when there's not a lot of snow. (I don't really care about the lawn, but my husband is thrilled it looks so good.)
I've made up my mind to just wait patiently for Spring this year -- no amount of complaining about it seems to do any good...otherwise, our yard would have been green weeks ago! :-) Spring is supposed to come slowly, not all at once, no matter how we tire of Winter, otherwise you would hear a collective scream from all the meadows, streams and forests -- not to mention our flowerbeds -- as they frantically struggled to keep up. :) Believe it?
I remember that you had to dig your car out of a snow bank last year. It did snow more than this year, but this year was so much more colder!! Ugh. I think I'd rather have the snow....
Good! Positive thinking. (I keep telling myself.)
I was checking my records because it seemed like everything is starting to bloom late this year. I forgot about how bad last year was - things were even later. Nothing like a bit of perspective to make you feel better.
I was going to whinge but after seeing that photo, I am grateful that I can actually see grass in some spots! Thanks for the reminder of what things might have been.....
What was worse about last year, was that it then started raining non-stop, and Iowa City was wiped out downtown by all-time record flooding (the houses at the bottom of our valley were all destroyed).This year is a pussycat :0)
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