Thursday, February 26, 2009

Four Questions About Mexico

Liz says I think too much, and perhaps she's right... but I do have a few questions from our stay in Mexico:
First, who teaches all the maids in Mexico how to do those towel animals?
Second, do iguanas taste bad? If not I'd think they all would have been eaten.
Third, why didn't all the Mayans build their cities on cliffs overlooking the ocean like Tulum, instead of in the middle of the buggy jungle; didn't they know how to swim?
Finally, is there any woman on earth who wears more clothes in a tropical climate than Liz?
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Interesting questions. I also am enjoying the pics of warm climates. It snowed here again today and I'm having fits!
Gardeness... we finally are on the warm side of the fronts, and got rain.
Love the tropical pictures. We have a book that gives step by step instructions for making towel animals. Fun but totally impractical... Unless I want to become a maid at a resort or on a cruise ship.
So where were you on PDC? We were thinking of trying that part of MX at some point.
Fullfreezer... well, the tips would be good.

Benjamin... we stayed at Playa Palms Hotel, a smaller, older hotel right on the beach. It's a lot busier, more touristy area than Xihuat., but not too bad. Pretty good food.
Liz is smart. Layering is a survival technique, even in the desert (long sleeves in 115 degrees may sound insane, but you create a microclimate of humidity that slows down your moisture loss a bit. The desert is all about the water.)

My question is: are those little eyes part of the towel or are they velcro'd on? Do you put them on the bedstand for the maid to reuse the next day? The world wants to know!
jenn... the eyes are little stickies that the maids put on new every day. we peeled off the old ones and stuck them all over the front door 9we tipped well).
I read your blog frequently to gather ideas for my own shady garden. As a novice, I never have anything to add to your posts. But as a former student of anthropology and an avid traveler to Latin America, today, I can provide you with something.

1. Iguana is actually a delicacy and is quite tasty. It is eaten throughout Central America and the Caribbean. You may not have ventured as far south as Chiapas - but it is a standard cuisine in this lovely state of Mexico.

2. As stunning as Tulum is, it would have been difficult to grow crops in sand. The Mayans structured their civilization around agriculture, with trade routes going to and from the sea. Where better to farm than in the middle of a jungle? Smart too, considering that the Mayan culture was waning at the time of Colonization and still managed to outlive its Aztec counterpart. As I'm sure you saw in you travels, Mayan culture is still strong throughout southern Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.

I hope you enjoyed your travels.
I enjoyed Tulum when we were there a few years back. Especially the friezes on the buildings. Nice ocean breeze.

Maybe the Chichen Itza city was more central to the Yucatan? Shadows of roads can be seen under the jungle leading to other Mayan cities. Mexico is smart to uncover these sites and draw curious tourists to the inner jungle.

Maybe Liz wants to protect her fair skin? Or doesn't want to offend all of us left behind and bundles up in the Iowa cold.
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