Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Delta Airlines... And Other Sore Subjects

If there is an industry that treats its customers worse than the airlines, I don't know what it would be... so, when I deal with an airline, my expectations are pretty low. Therefore, for me to be furious at my recent experience with Delta Airlines takes some doing.
I'll not bore anyone with the grim details. Let's just say that if I found myself in Hell, and Delta Airlines was the only way out, I'd be signing up for the underworld volleyball league, hoping to get the Devil on my team.

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I hear you! I travel fairly often and have to say that you should never travel Air Canada if you're ever up north. They are an embarassment to the country, at the very least. I wish Star-treks teleportation would be developed soon for public use.
I've been very lucky. My first flight to the US was last August; I flew United and its partners, Halifax/Washington-Dulles/Kansas City, and then KC/Chicago-Ohare/Halifax. I had awesome experiences the whole way--from check in agents to flight crew, security and customs, everyone was awesome to me. That's normally my case when I fly in Canada, provided I DON'T fly Air Canada (which I avoid like the plague).
I'm so upset they're buying Northwest--I like Northwest, partly, I admit, for the nostalgia factor of it being my hometown airline. It's sad the way businesses go down, get eaten by bigger crappier ones, and with the larger compaby, run things worse.

But I have to say United is my dreaded airline--particulary if connecting through O'Hare.
And from the looks of it, puss agrees wholeheartly with you:)
Gardenista & Jodi.... wow, I hadn't known AirCanada was so bad. Guess bad treatment isn't limited to U.S. airlines.
Benjamin... yah, I hated to see it, too; NW was one of the few "good Guys".
flydragon... I took the pictures just after I told her she was going along with us on Delta.
hell in a handbasket? LOL
Hey Nickie... how HAVE you been?
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