Monday, January 26, 2009

Trillium Flexipes

Trillium flexipes, the white trillium, is a common, but quite striking trillium, found throughout the eastern half of the country, except for parts of the deep south. It is a vigorous clump-former with large green leaves that are broad and thick, and deeply impressed by prominent veins. Our plant was grown from seed, and I am guessing the seed came from a southern plant, because of the erectness of its white flowers (this species is also called "bent trillium", with northern strains especially, having flowers that reflex down, sometimes even hanging below the foliage. Nursery bred stock of this species of trillium also often shows evidence of cross breeding, often with Trillium erectum, so our plant may not be the pure species. Regardless, it's quite lovely, and seems determined to rapidly form a large clump. Second only to T. recurvatum, our native prairie trillium, T. flexipes is the most carefree, vigorous growing trillium in our garden.
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Aren't these flowers beauties? Something more that's great to look forward to!!
I enjoy your blog very much. I regularly read it, and my “wish I had list” has grown.
In Norway we are a group of bloggers that call us selves “Hagegale” (Garden crazy, means something like crazy about garden). We are passing around a challenge to other bloggers: Show your 6. picture in your 6. album, and tell the story about it. Then pass the challenge on to 6 blogs you enjoy. Do you take the challenge?
Shady... I always get way anxious waiting for the trilliums to finally pop up in the spring.

HPJ... you mean, like the 6th picture out of the 6th group I uploaded to the computer? What if it's a picture of Liz in her undies? I'll have to look...

:o) Don
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