Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This Year's Unicorn

The unicorn is said to be a mythical beast, but its actually just been hanging around our back yard. To tell the truth, when the bucks shed an antler they look kind of silly, but they still prance around as if they have a full rack. I guess maybe they don't realize it; kind of like sticking one of those smart-aleck notes on somebody's back, and they can't figure out why everybody's laughing at them.

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Yes that IS a unicorn inded!
There is nothing like being mocked by a deer. I do believe he's sticking his tongue out at you!

Do bucks shed one horn at a time? I'd never thought about it, but it does make sense!
Thanks all for your comments. Deer do indeed usually shed one antler at a time; like losing baby teeth!
i love this photograph! you may find his other antler near a tree in spring!
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