Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Recycling New Year's Resolutions

One good thing about not fulfilling a New Year's resolution at all, is that you can just recycle the resolution and use it for the next year; also, you've already gotten over feeling guilty about it, so you can look forward to the new year without any pressure on you. This greatly streamlines the process of New Year's resolution non-compliance. One of these recyclables that has served me well for about four years straight is my resolution to plant more daffodils out in our open woods, especially on the opposite side of this ravine, which we see from our house. A little seasonal stream flows along the bottom of the ravine, and the deer loll about on top of the sunny ridge at the far side, pretending that if they so wished, they actually have several important things they could be doing that day.
The nice thing about this particular New Year's resolution, is that each April the daffodils I've already planted there just about double, so I figure even if I don't do anything, in about five years the hillside will be covered with blooming daffodils in the spring, and I can just say "mission accomplished"!
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There you go! I like that! This, then, frees a person to think about Other Things! ;-) (Actually, I left a post but it must not have "taken." It's also probably my fault, soo I'm trying again. ha)
Shady... I like to have a clear mind entering the New Year.
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CP... You know, there is enough real unhappiness and hate in the world, without trolls like you lurching about, spewing meaningless poison. There are so many positive things that one can direct one's efforts to, that it's a shame folks like you just waste their time and effort shooting mental blanks. I guess you're purpose is to elicit a "reaction"; well here it is: I feel very sorry for you.
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