Friday, January 23, 2009

Epimedium Explosion?

Epimediums are not particularly showy; and when they are small and newly planted in a crowded, heavily wooded garden they are... invisible. In the back of my mind though, I am uneasy about epimediums, for I have been adding the different species to our garden at a pretty good clip. There always seems to be another little spot where I can plop one in, out of their little four inch pots. So far, as often happens, they've just been kind of sitting there looking innocent and cute, but I'm a little nervous about that old saw about plants creeping, then leaping. If all these little cuties decide to begin seriously leaping, there are some flower beds where it could get ugly; there may be some chlorophyll spattered about as things shake out.
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mmmm what a lovely looking little guy though...
Well, you've inspired me to order... so I've just ordered Epimedium Lilofee Grandiflorum and I've ordered another corydalis (lutea). I remember your post of a couple of days ago, and so I consider myself warned about lutea. :-)
The word verification is impud. I hope I've not been. ha.
Emerson... I may have a garden full of lovelies in a couple of years.

Shady... if you've not already sent in your order, I can pot up as many luteas as you'd ever want for nothing!
Shady gardener, I planted Epimedium grandiflorum 'Lilafee' last year and I fell in love with it very quickly. I hope it survives the winter, and becomes a good garden citizen.
I have Lilafee growing right by the main entryway to the garden and it is smashing! It's one of the very best, and grows very quickly.
i think i might get one for a nice little bed that needs a new friend...
Don, Wouldn't you know... I've already ordered. However, I only ordered one plant. So, if you're sure you can part with a few of yours... ;-) I need to start things branching out a little further from the beds.

You and Liz are coming down here this Spring or Summer, aren't you?
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