Sunday, January 11, 2009

Entombed In January

As January slouches towards February, I cannot help but feel put upon; all the predictions were for a mild winter, a well-deserved compensation for the brutality of last year. Yet so far this has been an unremittingly cold, dreary season... and it's going to get worse.
In many Januaries we have snowdrops blooming by now; this year I couldn't even tell you where they are, for all the ice and snow. Midwesterners have this reputation for being stoical and unfazed by the severity of such winters; reality is somewhat closer to the movie Fargo, where in the darkness and cold of winter, people quietly sink into madness, leaving only a few ripples behind.
So, as yet another snowstorm winds up outside my window, all I can say is... Aaaargh!

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Spring will be there before you know it. I hope you will be patient and take care of yourself by enoying the season. ( I am hoping for some snow in Texas !!)
Keep "paddling!" You'll be into your February vacation before you know it! :-)
Yes, but even in Fargo, sensible Marge emerges to shed a bit of light on the dark deeds. I know how you feel. I hate grey skies and cold days. But in a few weeks or so, we'll probably be moaning about an unseasonal mild spell bringing everything on too early ...
Entombed, indeed! It's that January depression time of the year when it seems it will never end, but it will ... one day, lol!

Stay warm this week ... I'm sure you have tons of garden catalogs arriving you can spend wish list time with! We're trying to resist though ... so far!

You have my sympathies...and you're helping me feel even better than I already did about moving to California. It's expensive here, but that sun makes it all the more worth it. I think another winter like the last one would have killed me...
You know, I lived in California for six years, and i missed the changing of the seasons for the first couple of years. Then one February, I was getting ready to go hiking, and on the television they were talking about a big blizzard going through Iowa, with thirty below zero wind chills; I didn't miss winter any more!
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