Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Deer Welcome Wagon

"Hello, welcome to the neighborhood."

You know, I've always felt it's a good thing to live with nature, but sometimes around here it seems we are living IN nature, if you know what I mean. It's a strange feeling to be sitting in the living room, reading the morning paper, and realize somebody is looking over your shoulder. The deer around here like Dear Abby (they're not good spellers).
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Oh my the tainly are curious! They must be wondering where you've hidden your lovely garden buffet! The squirrels pound on my door when they are out of food! Clever critters.

It's amazing that they're peeking right in the door;waiting for an invitation, very likely. (They're just youngsters, wondering what happened to the weather. I guess Mama's trying to find a protective warm spot.) ;-)
They were cold it looks like. Bet they wanted to get warm.
Wow. So. Lucky. I'm envious of your garden. I never have that happen here. Sometimes the neighborhood thief takes plants off my porch, but that's not really the same.
Oh my gosh, look at those sweet faces! "Oh hai!" :-) Curious little critters.
How sweet they are. I know gardening with deer around can be difficult. Do they visit you year round?
Gail, Shady, Tina, Megan,Nancy, Barbee, GP... Thanks all for your cute comments (GP... yes, they are year-around residents, always very curious about what I'm doing, and they very much like being talked to).
They heard rumors and wanted to see for themselves. They are curious creatures but I've never seen one look inside the house like that. funny
Flowergardengirl... you know, what you really can't appreciate in the pictures, because of the deep snow, is that the deer is actually up on the back steps, looking in.
"hey, dood! where iz our foodz? ur flowrz r gone, we'r hooongry. git out here n feed us. or we'll eats ur flowrz this spring."

-baby deer

yes, they're "cute." i had a pack of five of these "cuties" on my lawn, early last spring. we've got a forest preserve and lagoon and marsh space, all abutting my subdivision. which is terrific! but Bambi and Co are *not* my friends, nor friends of my garden. i can barely list all the crops/cultivars that i lost to them. don't tell me i'm encroaching on their native foodstuff either; this area is chuck full of stuff they could eat, but they prefer my much more tasty cultivars. it's a darn good thing we can't hunt in this area, and that i've got a big, barking dog.
Did you fix them breakfast to eat while they were reading Deer Abby :) ?
ChiDy... but, they're so CUTE! :o)

IGW... actually, I did.

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