Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cruel Breaks

This winter has been a cruel one here; and nowhere is it more apparent than with the deer. Two of them have shown up with broken femurs; I suspect from falling on the ice, though one or both could certainly be from getting hit by a car. The deer in the lower picture would seem to have a much better chance of survival, though both are somehow getting around. A big pail of corn and getting called "Sweetheart", brightened up their day considerably.

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Poor things! I'm so glad they have your kindness.
Golly, how sad. Very nice that you're looking out for them, though. Hope they make it.
The poor things - it is wonderful that you're looking out for them. How could you not, when you look into those beautiful eyes?
Thank you. :-)
Oops, another comment. Where might I be able to find Tricyrtis 'Tojen'? It's on my wish list.
Mega, J, Nancy, and Shady... fortunately the weather's supposed to moderate a bit next week, so the deer won't be so stressed.
shady... for Tojen (Togen); it's widely available, but how about lazt S Nursery. they send big plants for small prices.
Shady... I need to proofread once in a while; it's Lazy S'S Nursery (online).
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