Sunday, January 25, 2009

Born Ugly

Disporums (fairy bells) are lovely, stately plants when fully opened, but they are born ugly. The leaves unfold in an awkward and crimped fashion, that to me always makes me think the plant got frozen after a cold spring night, yet they then open up fully, and the whole plant is then quite attractive. It is the ugly duckling of the plant world that does indeed, turn into a swan. This is Disporum uniflorum (syn. flavum, flavens), native to east Asia, just getting its act together last spring.

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A lovely plant I am not familiar with! Thanks for the introduction!
They certainly grow up beautifully!
Oh, they are pretty! Yellow is my favorite color. Thank you for a peek. Lovely!
Too many carrots in front of my nose! I've stopped ordering (for the most part!) ;-)
Sheila, Laney, and Barbee... it's a look-a-like for Uvularia, but it's bigger.The flowers I guess are paler yellow, though.
Shady... never say never!
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