Saturday, January 17, 2009

Attack Cat

One of the ongoing themes of this blog has been our
attempt to have a harmonious relationship (a truce) with the resident wildlife (referred to in our agreement as "the critters"), and for the most part it has been successful. The only ones who haven't signed on are our two cats; I think P.J., our little white and calico has watched the movie Babe one two many times, as she loves to chase deer and wild turkeys, either one of which could flatten her. I guess I admire her ambition, if not her judgement.
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It looks like she identifies more with the lion side of the family, than the little lap cat side.
Can't blame the cat for dreaming big. I love cats for that very reason--they always think they're bigger, faster, and smarter than most anythign else, and show little fear or hesitation in that regard. But then they come and purr next to you, rub your leg, ask for food or a petting, and then they are just balls of irony.
She doesn't want anything in her space.If she can chase the deer out of your garden and flowers more power to her.
You'd think she'd be scared to death -- our cat (an indoor kitty) would run a mile, I'm sure. Then again, they ARE curious creatures!
Northern, Benjamin, Hocking, and Nancy... the only thing she's ever killed is a few bugs; go figure.

Have you posted a "Beware!" sign? ;-)
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