Monday, December 15, 2008

Watching The Glacier...

Springs may come and go in the garden in an eyeblink, but some things, like the growth of Japanese maples, can be glacially slow. This is Acer palmatum 'Beni Otake' last April. It is currently about four foot tall, but should reach ten or fifteen feet, when it will be quite spectacular. It has its roots down finally, and is starting to grow almost a foot a year; about the year 2015 it should be quite nice, if an asteroid doesn't hit Earth that year.
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The patience needed with some plants in the garden is too much for me to handle sometimes. I get that way about plants that will eventually flower from seed. Makes you wonder why they all can't flower that first year.
What a beautiful color contrast to the deep greens around it, as well its sharp, pointy leaves. It should be beautiful. Looks pretty shady, there. Could that slow it down any? (I'm actually wondering about a couple of pretty shady spots in my backyard...)
Brown... I must admit, I'm not very patient either; I deal with it by in effect trying to forget about things that will take a long time to come to fruition.

Shady... it is in a pretty shady spot (I don't have much of anything else, if you recall... I think your camera flash was going off at noon).

wow i had never see these before; they look truely beautiful.
Actually, I think that's 2012 when it's scheduled to hit....

I'm so freaking jealous when I see Japanese Maples! I want one so bad. Unfortunately they hate our climate, so it's not to be.
I DO remember my flash going off! And I know you have a LOT of shade! It just makes me so very hopeful when I think of planting something so beautiful!! :-)
Beautiful maple! Your photos are really great. I'm glad that you stopped by my blog so that I could find my way back to your gardening blog.

ck & Sally... this is a really hardy JM; I never lose a twig here.

Shady... most Jm's need a lot of shade in our brutal summers.

Cameron... well, I'm happy you stopped by; your blog is quite impressive, with obviously a lot of thought and work going into it!

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